Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats a computer?

OK I have a confession. I am not very good when it comes to technology or spelling. In fact I suck. And when you combine the two like Blogging it scares me. But I really want to have a blog. I will openly say that I have a blog but don't touch it cause I'm afraid of it. And I really am sick of the same songs on my Ipod. Because I don't live with my brothers anymore I cant ask them to load more songs for me. And I really want to put the videos from my video camera to the computer so I can tape Payton doing more cute things. And I really want to touch up my photos so that I can finish my projects. GRRR! How is it that a 26 year old is such a scary cat when it comes to technology? So here is my to do list for this year. You can call it a new years resolution but then I wont do it. But if I put it on my to do list it will get done.

1. How do I make my blog look pretty?
I go on my friends blogs and there so artsy and bright, I want that.

2. How do I look for other blogs?
I don't have specific blogs to look for I just want to browse look though and see if it something I would like to follow. Is this possible?

3. How do I get other people to know that I have a blog? I see all these long lists of followers on other blogs how do I get a list? Do I e-mail people. Do I verbally tell them?

4. My friend always has these cute pic of different pic she has found and fun articles even music videos. Is this just a copy and past thing?

1. We have an ipod its a million years old and I'm embarrassed to be seen with it.
But I love it soooo much! The question i stop buying Cd's and switch to ITunes.

2. Is there a better site than ITunes?

3. How do I delete the music on my ipod?

4. How do I get the music on my ipod. (I feel like such and idiot for not knowing this stuff. But this is what you get for tossing the instruction manual and using my brothers to do the work.)

5. How much does a song cost?

As you can tell Im a loser when it comes to this stuff. But dont worry to much or feel pitty for me. Ill be ok. I will work extra hard to catch up to my generation. But not so much that you cant have a conversatin with me cause my eyes are glued to the most popular I Phone. Or running my car off the road cause im obsessed with responding to a text. And definaly not going to close myself off to the world and only communicate throught my blog or texting. Or just not responding at all cause I have headphones in my ears pummping super loud music in to my head so that I will go deaf at an early age. No no dont worry I dont want to be like that. Just well educated in the technology world. :)