Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alex and His Wisdom Teeth

So the Zimmermans are very entertaining when we have a little gas in us. I made sure to get to the house extra early today so that I could help mom with Alex after getting his wisdom teeth pulled and to witness the fun. He had all for done at the same time. Poor kid... mom said that the nurses were having fun with him before he came out to see her. I thought he would be a little more crazy but so far he just looks high. He did let me know that he was embarrassed. I asked why and he told me that he cryed. "Well why did you cry Alex?" Mom turned to me and told me that the gas has an effect that makes you cry. Alex had this stumped look on his face almost like he was really trying to figure out why my mom had answered that question not him. He then decided that he should let me know that the nurse was flirting with him. " She was pretty" He said." Oh ya what did she look like?" He then turned and raised his eye brows like "You know". I then decided to end that conversation out of fear of what he would tell me. I told him to go to sleep, he got on his phone to call his girlfriend. Hopefully saying something stupid that would make her brake up with him. Oops did I say that? As mom was leaving she informed me that he is nothing to what I was like when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. Ah so funny. I wish I had taped that experience.
I was very emotional crying and then laughing. Back and forth back and forth. On the way home I tried to hit on the guy next to us at a stop light. When he didn't pay any attention to me I decided that I needed to get out of the car to put some moves on him. Only I couldn't figure out how to unlock the door. As we pulled up to the house my little old lady neighbour was out watering the bushes, I thought it was so weird that she was watering the bushes and couldn't stop laughing. She thought I was drunk. While mom was explaining that I had just had my wisdom teeth pulled when her very old dog came over to say hello. I then pronounced " THAT'S AN UGLY DOG!" Mom put me in the house after that. I believe I left a very silly message for Brad on his cell. He came over right away. He couldn't miss out on seeing Amber high. I think I gave him the Bird and fell asleep after that. Later that night I went to Best Buy with Goody and Todd. The drugs had worn off by that time. I didn't feel to bad. Just embarrassed by my behavior early that day. But that's my story. Jake's is funny to. I want brandon to get his teeth pulled.

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  1. So I finally found your blog.... very cute! I hope you update it again soon, I really miss you guys! Cute wisdom teeth story and way cute pics! I just looked through all of them and I just love the house and of course little Payton! Can't wait to see some recent pics soon! Love ya!