Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Day

Payter's First beach trip! We went with some friends. I have to say it was not the smartest thing Jake and I decided to do. It was way to early in the season. It was so cold and windy. I think I was eager because I didn't get to go to the beach last summer due to my pregnancy sickness. And growing up we went to the beach many times during the summer. I want PPayton to enjoy it as much as I did. We brought a little tent for her to hang out and take naps. She did not have a good day. And she didn't get to wear her super cute bathing suit. Poor girl I felt so bad. AND SAND GETS EVERYWHERE!! I remember my mom freaking out over the sand and I would think "Whats the big deal mom were at the beach?" Well now that I am a mother I can see where she was coming from. Hopefully the next beach trip will be better. We did take some pictures. And a video clip.

Piper got to come. She attracted alto of attention. Shes so pretty. I wish we could have brought Sally. She would have loved it.

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