Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Pictures

So the last time Jake and I had our pictures taken was two years ago for our engagement photos. We figured it was about time to get them done again with the new family member and all. It was also my moms birthday. So I decided that it would be fun to have her come and take some pictures with her first grandchild. Now all we need is the three other grandparents to get there photos taken. We are so thankful for Jenny Wounder for taking the time to photograph us.

I love the pictures with Jake and the monster girl.

Its crazy how different she looks. Payton was only 6 weeks old . My baby girl is growing up so fast!It was kinda funnie, Payton did not like having her clothes on. She was very fussy but the second we took them off she was very happy. Our little nudest! Then she pooed in Jakes hand. It was so funnie how she waited till the clothes came off and daddy was holding her. He stayed so calm too! He just cuped his hand and smiled I would have screemed!

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  1. wow! she really pooped in his hand? where is the picture? jk!