Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Home

So a year and six months after being married we bought our first home. I have to say that this was all done by Jake. We first started looking for our home in June right after we found out we were pregnant. We looked all over Stockton and we were looking at foreclosed homes. It was a shock to see how poorly people treated there property. And it was very discouraging for us knowing that we would have to be the ones fixing up the home. Jake did all the searching I did the complaining. I was just so sick! Walking into those homes that had been closed up for who knows how long. Finally after submitting dozens of offers and being disappointed. Jake found a home that had just gone up on the market. It just happen to be in the neighborhood that we wanted and was large enough for our family to grow. We placed an offer as soon as we could and two weeks later we got it!!!!! I couldn't believe it. It was a house that we both thought "yeah right like that's going to happen." But it did. It had a lot of work that needed to be done. Jake went right to work. Working full time and doing school full time he somehow found time to work on the house. Racing against time to get in there before the baby came. He worked so hard. We moved in February 14Th. And we are still working on the house. But its our house. And were so grateful for that blessing.

The house looks very different now. We had to go through and sand down the walls to get the smell out. Then we primed and then paint. Same for the ceilings. Jake riped up all the nasty carpet and tile. Just taking out the carpet made the house bearable for me to be in there. Jake laid new tile. He and his cousin did the electrical. New ceiling lights and fixtures. We sanded down the cabinets and painted them white. Steam cleaned the counters and the showers. So much work and so much work needs to be done. Ill post pictures of how the house looks later.
Jake is so excited. Can you tell?

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