Sunday, May 24, 2009

Payter Bug

Payon Reann Harbour was born January 12,2009. She was 9 lbs 4oz and 20 inch. Yeah I know BIG BABY! My pregnancy was not easy. I was sick for about 7 months and 24 hours a day. The sickness stop just in time for the 3rd trimester. I remember the Doctor telling me it was a good thing to be sick cause it meant that the baby had strong hormones and it was less likely to miss carry. I distinctly remember thinking "That's great can you give me some drugs or something to make me better." I really thought that she was going to be a difficult baby because of the sickness and then the labor. I was in labor for 35 hours witch resulted in a c-section. Yeah it sucked! But it was all worth it. Payton is the most easy going baby. She is happy all the time and just chill. I believe that she gets that from her father because I am not "chill". She truly is a joy. I love watching her with her daddy. There is something about the relationship between a father and his daughter. You can tell that she looks at him as her hero. The second we found out that we were having a girl both Jake and my jaws dropped. We were so convinced that we were having a boy. We were excited but shocked. I saw something interesting happen to Jake in those few minutes. I could see all the sudden this little being inside me 100% had her daddy wrapped around her little finger. And its true. Jake is a wonderful father who would do anything for his Payters. I'm so grateful to have him as my husband and the father of my child. Payton is a strong baby! We think she will be athletic. It almost seems that she is good at everything she does. Of course that is coming from her mommy. From birth she was able to hold her head up. She is now able to do her daily 10 min of tummy time. She is cooing and giggling. So close to rolling over and sits up on her own for a few sec. She can grab her toys and bring them to her mouth. And has taken an interest in sally our border collie.

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  1. i can't believe you were in labor for 35 hours! you deserve a medal for that! eek!